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Terms and Conditions.

At Royce-Hall Building Services we try our upmost to be as professional and as transparent as possible, when it comes to our Services, Quotes and Products. If for some reason the following stated examplesbelow occurr the following procedures may take affect.

Any changes made by the client, prior to the work commencing or during the work being undertaken, will result in a requote.

Any additional work not included in the original quote will be subject to a reqoute.

Any work that goes over the estimated time frame. That the contractors are not at fault ie: weather, late delivery. May result in additional charges.

If the quote includes digging down, or any ground work or the requirement of additional labour or materials that the contractor was not aware of or that was hidden at time of quote will subject to a requote.

If the quote is to erect a object or build a object and there has been the item has been not stored following the manufacturers instructions, defect or damage. I.e; wood bowed or twisted, materials damaged in transit to or on site by a third party. That was not the contractors or that myself was at not at fault, we will not be held responsible and will be subject to a requote, supplier or client will be responsible for resolving the issue.

If there is inclement weather or ourselves/ contractors deem unsafe working conditions. We have the right to pause any works until another convenient date agreed by ourselves or the contractors and the client.

At least one week before we the works start we will need half the balance of transferred to the tide account (the details are displayed at the bottom of the estimate). This will secure the date, tradesman and allow us to start ordering materials.


The remainder of the balance should be paid in full on the day of completion whilst the tradesmen are still on site.


Any further locations/items or areas that were not visible on the day of site visit would be deemed as additional to a tender submission will be costed separately. Should this be required, please contact the Writer and we will revise this tender submission accordingly.


The prices on our estimates may change slightly due to the volatile market prices and stock issues  on certain materials such as timber and aggregates. We will notify the client on any changes to the price of the works or materials before the works have started. We will be constantly updating and monitoring the current prices to ensure we provide up to date and accurate prices.



If the client does no follow the advice or instructions giving by the contractor that may effect the longevity, appearance or function of a product or service the contractor will not be held accountable.

If you have any further queries please feel free to contact our customer service department. We will be happy to assist you. 

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