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Making a good first impression.

Your front garden is the first thing visitors or potential buyers, will see when arriving at your property. A beautiful path leading to your front door, a new garden wall or a well designed front garden with fragrant flowers and the shrubs. Will uplift the mood every homeowner or visitor to your property.


What is a good Landscaping budget?

Landscaping budgets can vary from small improvements to compete redesigns. By taking approximately 5% of the home value and spending it on a low-maintenance but quality landscape the value of your home can increase in resale value by as much as 15%. Earning you back 150% or more on that landscape budget.

Adding landscaping or improvements on a back or front garden could not only enhance the look of a property but also add value for refinancing or to make selling a home easier.

Usually the ROI – return on investment – for what you put in not only returns in money later but you can gain the benefit of shade and privacy. If you add fruit trees or a vegetable patch you may also enjoy growing and picking fresh healthy produce. 

In conclusion a professionally designed, prepared, installed and maintained landscape. Using quality plant material is not only a work of art but it is also a property investment.


Relaxation and entertaining.

Create your own garden oasis. By landscaping and remodeling your back garden. This will give you a place to relax, unwind and entertain. Gardens aren't just for spring and summer. They can be used all year round by having Outhouse, Gazebo, Winter Gardens or Outdoor kitchen installed your garden can be enjoyed in all seasons.


Do you need more space?

Are you out growing your home? Do you need more space? moving is not the only option: Why not add a extension, a porch or outhouse. This can improve the value and living conditions of your property.
For example moving costs on a average three bedroom home cost in the region of 30k. Alternatively 30k is a healthy budget for a substantial property expansion. That could be a better option to improve the living space of your existing home. 

Improvements on a average three bedroom house found that an extension for example creating a double extension with a larger kitchen or utility room can add up to 25% of the property. By adding an extra bathroom,toilet could add up to 5-10 % to a property. A additional double bedroom can add 15-20%. Home improvers found that the average extension had a -ROI- (return on investment) of 75%. 


Garden Rooms.

Adding a outdoor office, Gym or Garden room, to your property can be a brilliant unintrusive option to improve your property. This can also be a great for people who don't want to get planning permission, as most Outhouses will fall under permitted development. As long as certain rules are met. This can also be a great way to improve the value of your property by 5%-10%. 

Pergolas instantly create sheltered space outdoors. Being a temporary structure, planning permission isn't normally necessary. For those with a garden at home, Pergolas can create a cosy and sheltered space outside, ideal for lounging, al fresco dining or if you add glass bi-fold doors you can even turn it winter garden room to make the most of every season.

For clients in the hospitality sector, you can increase your capacity of people and tables by extending the amount of usable space. Pergolas offer a great return on your investment and your clientele will know you for your contemporary outdoor space or pergola!


Maintenance and ground maintenance.

Maintenance is a very important to keep your home aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. There are many things in your home that can wear or decay over time. Some will break down completely such as cracks appearing in walls, leaks (water damage etc.) Handles doors and damaged or aged paint. To name a few. Sometimes preventive maintenance is the best remedy. So even if you don’t think you need to make improvements to your home now, you’ll save yourself headaches down the line by doing so. There are many improvements like insulating or draught proofing that can save on energy bills and keep the warmth in your home.

We provide a exceptional ground maintenance service.
Ground maintenance is very important for those tenants, residents and potential buyers. We work with local authorities and private owners to keep there grounds to a high standard of quality.

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